Life group MINISTRIES (SMAll groups)

The Word of God is rich and replete with ‘one another’ commands that train us how to be Jesus to each other.  God knows our maturity in the faith is a community project that happens in relationship with other believers rather than isolated efforts.  The purpose of our small groups is to provide a way to pursue Jesus in community and experience the growth that occurs connecting around the truth of God and mission of God with other believers.  Most of our Life Groups are home-based and habitual without a set starting date and ending date.  However, we do offer occasional short season groups that provide a niche focus around various spiritual topics.

Current Life Groups

Group: Young Adults

Time: Sundays at 7 PM

Location: Liberty Evangelical Free Church


Group: Women's Study

Time: Tuesdays at 3:15 PM

Location: Vinger's Home

Group: Life Group

Time: Wednesday at 7 PM

Location: Fetzer's Home


Group: Life Group

Time: Thursday at 7 PM

Location: Sjue's Home

To learn more about joining one of our small groups, please contact us by way of the following form:

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