Our congregation is associated with a wider network of churches known as the Evangelical Free Church of America, which is headquartered in Minneapolis. EFCA churches share a common confession in Jesus Christ, a common mission sourced in Him, and common distinctives for church practice. Each member-church within EFCA is free to govern its own affairs. We do not depend upon a structural hierarchy for our weekly, monthly, or yearly operations. EFCA is divided into 17 regions across the country. Our congregation is part of the North Plains District, which includes Eastern Montana, all of North Dakota, some of South Dakota and some of Minnesota. We encourage you to explore the EFCA website provided by the link below. There is much useful information to help you better familiarize yourself with our affiliation. To put it simply, we're a family of people working for each other's joy and progress in the faith.

One of the distinctives we value in EFCA is the flexibility and encouragement to cooperate with non-EFCA churches who share the essential faith for various ministry endeavors. EFCA honors the wider work of God in others, while retaining our commitment, commonality, and interdependence within the EFCA movement.

Please visit the website: Evangelical Free Church of America (Northern Plains District). We are delighted to be counted a part of EFCA.