Are you looking for God?  Actually, He’s been looking for you!  Jesus said He came into this world “to seek and save the lost.”   That’s good news for a world isolated from the love and life of God.  God is seeking fellowship with you.  He made you in His image, and He made you to be in a worshipful relationship with Him.  Sadly, we have chosen a path of defiance and rebellion and independence from our Creator. This is called ‘sin.’  And sin separates us from a Holy God who cannot tolerate sin, and must judge sin with His perfect justice.  All Mankind is now born into a condition of sinfulness.  We are sinners by choice and sinful by nature.  There is a bent inside each of us to act contrary to God’s blameless character. 

Thankfully, God has not abandoned us to a state of sin, death, and eternal condemnation.  God madly loves the people He made in His image.  His great love for you compelled Him to send His Son, Jesus Christ, into our world to suffer the consequences of our sin and set us free from the sentence of spiritual death.  Jesus substituted His sinless life on a Roman Cross, dying in our place for our guilt under the just judgment of God.  By doing this, Jesus paid the full penalty of your sin so you can experience the joy of God’s acceptance and forgiveness.  

Immediately after this act of atonement took place, the body of Jesus was buried in a sealed tomb.   Three days following God raised Jesus bodily from the grave, proving His death fully satisfied the payment for our sins.  Jesus is now seated at the right hand of God in immortality where He has been given the name above all names.  He is worshiped by angels, and one day will be worshiped by the whole world.   Before He died, Jesus promised His followers He would return to our world in Kingly glory and Heavenly power to rule over our earth with God’s peace and God’s justice.   At His reappearing, Jesus will resurrect every person from the grave, some to eternal life and some to eternal anguish in Hell.   By placing our faith in Jesus now, we can live a forgiven life in full fellowship with our Creator, knowing we will spend eternity with Him in God’s Paradise.

Please watch a few of these short clips as they will explain from different angles the same joyful news that saves any honest heart willing to believe.  We pray God meet you with understanding as you investigate the Gospel—the best news ever!